The Secret Source Logo

Created logo for new magic company, The Secret Source, a new business started by magicians Gregory Wilson and Danny Archer. Logo needed to represent a fun, James Bond-like spy feel while being uniquely identifiable and versatile.

Final Version with white background.
The Secret Source logo for Switchcraft, a new effect releasing November 2014.
SketchBook Pro iPad sketch, using Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus.
This was the first sketch that I created. I didn't imagine at that time that this logo would turn into a 100 hour project, but I'm happy with the finished product! Unfortunately, this version lacked definition and strength, and was a bit too ornate. It wasn't clearly "TSS" or a spade.
This was more for fun, and to test out colors and shapes. Redesigned the S's to look less like swans, 
With this version, I rearranged the S's and added detail to fill the space. Instead of S's inside of a spade or the negative space defining the spade shape, the S's become the spade. Added more defined "TSS" and many "subliminal spades."
Added rich blue color. Ultimately, this design is too busy and ornate for the project.
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